Charlize Theron Steps Out with Her Man for “In The Valley of Elah”

Having had recently admitted to People magazine that he and Charlize were married (not really), Stuart Townsend showed his not-wife some non-spousal support recently on the red-carpet. Charlize and Stooey (he loves when I call him that) were at the Arclight in Hollywood at a screening for her film, “In the Valley of Elah.” The film takes a look at the effect of the war in Iraq on the American soldiers, as well as their families. USA Today gives the film a rave review, describing it as follows:

At its heart is a multidimensional portrait of a patriotic American family whose worldview is shaken to the core. It is also an eye-opening look at the experiences of American soldiers sent to Iraq, as well as their treatment and adjustment upon returning to their native soil.

Sounds like pretty heavy fare, luckily for us, we only deal with fluff and stuff, meaning that I’m now going to launch into a mini-dissertation on these here purty photos. Stuart and Charlize look very nice, although I do wish Stooey would have picked up his razor for a quick shave, but the best is the picture of Frances Fisher, who is either doing the “pee-pee dance” or has a hole in the front of her dress that she’s playfully trying to hide from photographers, as she’s not wearing any underwear, the little minx.


Many more photos (Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend, Josh Brolin, Diane Lane, Jimmy Jean Louis, Victor Wolf, Frances Fisher, James Franco, Wes Chatham, Paul Haggis, Jake McLaughlin) from the premiere of “In the Valley of Elah” are after the jump.