Charlize Theron Offers to Make Out With Interviewer

Charlize Theron left a TV news anchor stunned by offering to “make out” with him in the middle of a tense interview. I’m thinking she’d leave anyone stunned if she offered to make out with them on the spot.

The star was being interviewed by Cuban-American CNN presenter Rick Sanchez on February 4 when she decided to make light of her recent trip to Cuba, where she produced new hip hop movie “East Of Havana.”

The South African actress enraged Sanchez when she compared the freedoms she enjoyed in Hollywood to those she experienced in communist Cuba – from where his family fled to avoid Fidel Castro’s regime.

And when the news host, a married father-of-four, suggested the actress didn’t have a very high opinion of the America, she attempted to lighten the TV chat by saying, “I want to make out with you right now.”

Sanchez ignored the comment and has since called it “a way for a beautiful woman to get a guy to change the subject.”

This probably won’t go down as one of Charlize Theron’s finer moments.