Charlize Theron Offers to Make Out With Interviewer

February 19th, 2007 // 5 Comments
By Jessica Marx

  1. Wendy

    I actually heard the entire interview on the radio. This is what happens when a liberal Hollywood type tries to debate about foreign politics — something Charlize clearly knows nothing about! She actually has the audacity to compare the U.S. with Cuba. Did she know beforehand that her interviewer, Rick Sanchez, was from Cuba??? The only reason she offered to make out w/ him is because she was losing the argument and making herself look like a bigger idiot than she already is. SHUT UP AND ACT, CHARLIZE!!!

  2. superninja

    She is starting to look like she’s had too much work like Nicole Kidman.

  3. margaretta

    Charles just trying to be feminine. Can’t work for HIM!

  4. Ani

    Actually, I beg to differ, Wendy. Liberal or conservative, the vast majority of people in this country have no concept of what life is like in Cuba. Ignorance isn’t relegated to a single party or ideology.

    The fact of the matter is, people in this country AS A WHOLE are misinformed and have no desire to be be informed. People have their opinions and whether or not the facts back them up is irrelevant.

    The situation in Cuba is atrocious. Just last month my great aunt on my father’s side died of gangrene after a leg amputation. I’ve had family members starve to death in order to make sure their children had food. In Cuba, the government has a detailed inventory of every possession you own in your home – if you try to leave (the legal way), they inventory your house several times to make sure you don’t take anything and you and your family are completely blackballed by your entire neighborhood. There are spies that report back to the government in exchange for extra food and clothing.

    Hell, my grandmother would make my mom shoes out of old tires.

    Anyway, Charlize Theron isn’t even particularly goodlooking or an exceptional actress. She was just trying to show she had something in common with the interviewer (I know Rick Sanchez personally, he’s a great guy) and screwed it up.

    She’s just ignorant – as are most people.

  5. -A

    This is just a really big case of Foot in Mouth that got blown out of proportion. She had some good points, and even Rick admitted that she had good points. He got defensive, and Charlize just keep putting that foot further and further into her mouth. IF she didn’t quickly say that “make out” line, this would have turned into another Rosie/Trump like feud. And Rosie probably would have found a way to get in on it.

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