Charlize Theron Bravely Shops Sans Makeup

Give this woman the badge of courage! Charlize Theron did some post-Christmas shopping with her mother, and did so without wearing a stitch of makeup.

Charlize Theron is naturally beautiful, but with all the pumped up, stretched and overly painted women who inhabit the stores of Los Angeles, Charlize was sure to draw a few more stares than usual. Charlize, 34, was accompanied by her mother Gerda on the trip.

The actress, who was named Esquire magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2007, said: “Somewhere along the line we forgot what actors do. All of a sudden, somehow, the fashion industry crept into the movie industry. Celebrity has really taken over and overshadowed what actors do. Actors aren’t supposed to be beautiful; actors are supposed to tell human stories, but that kind of got lost.”

So then it must suck to be beautiful Charlize.

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