Charlize Theron And Stuart Townsend Over?

With all these unmarried committed Hollywood relationships crumbling what hope is there for the rest of us?

The nine year union of Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend, bound by an antique commitment ring, may be over. Sources say that Theron realized the relationship with the less successful Townsend was over after their vacation to Mexico over Christmas, and that it feels more like they are brother and sister than lovers. Ouch!

Theron has been out lately without the ring that both celebs have said she never takes off. She was spotted without it at the Hope for Haiti telethon and, as you can see here, on Wednesday while out for dinner for her mother’s 57th birthday at Spago in LA. The girl looks like she’s in mourning with the all black even on her fingernails. Although I’m waiting it out since this rumor seem to come up every couple of years, because no one can believe she’s still with someone not as blessed in the hotness department as her.

If it’s true I guess it’s better they didn’t tie the knot for real since taking off a ring with forget-me -nots is much easier than divorce proceeding. It would sad, because he seemed to make her happy but now we can finally watch her do a merry-go-round pair up with the rest of the Hollywood men.  Barbie was always boring with just Ken.