Charlize Theron’s Extremely Unpleasant Past Being Rehashed

Get your frown on, because this one’s tense. The official story is that South African Charlize Theron’s mom Gerda shot her father Charles to death with a shotgun when Charlize was fifteen. This occurred on the front lawn. There goes the neighborhood. Charles was allegedly an abusive alcoholic and Gerda was determined to have been acting in self-defense after she claimed Charles threatened to kill both her and Charlize. Charlize doesn’t talk about this part of her past except to say that Gerda was a victim of domestic violence. Fair enough. Who’d want to talk about it – that’s rough stuff. A new book has come out called “Killer Women: Fatal South African Females”, discussing Gerda’s case. That is a silly-ass title.

In the book, Charles’ relatives dispute the facts of the case and make it look like Gerda might have been a little trigger-happy. Charlize’s aunt Elsa says that her “mild mannered” brother wouldn’t have gone after his wife and kid. She also says that “all those perceptions that Charles was some kind of a monster-at home were very hurtful to our family and everyone who knew him. He was a dedicated family man. His wife and daughter were the most important things in his life.” *uncomfortable silence* Gerda had also shot her brother-in-law at the same time, but he escaped with a hand wound. Ok, what was going on in the Theron household? It sounds like the “Devil’s Rejects”. No wonder why she was so good in “Monster”. That was probably a typical Thursday night where she grew up. Gerda was never charged, by the way, but that author and the sister might want to watch their asses. Especially since they’re also squawking that Gerda Theron inherited “millions” after the shooting. Oh oh.

Photos: Getty Images