Charlize Theron Film Company Troubles

Well, it looks like our scoop from last week about Charlize Theron getting married to Stuart Townsend over the weekend wasn’t such a scoop after all. That’s gossip for ya. Sometimes you can’t tell the crap from the real stuff. Moral of the story – never trust your florist.

Regardless, if she’s married or not, it doesn’t look as if she’s going to bring her film production company to South Africa. Due to a name registration snafu, someone beat her to it.

If Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron had any aspirations of registering her American film production company in South Africa, she’s missed her chance. A young Centurion entrepreneur recently registered Theron’s Denver and Delilah Films in South Africa under his own name.

Shene Stewart, who is also co-owner and editor of gay newspaper The Closet, plans to produce the country’s first gay soap opera under the production company’s name.

Stewart said he heard a recent television interview in which Theron spoke of her plans to bring her production company, named after her two dogs, to South Africa to support the local film industry.

”I know it looks like I did it on purpose, but I just had to seize the opportunity and steal a march on her. Just think what the name could mean for my planned business,” Stewart said.

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