Charlize Theron Recieves Star On Walk Of Fame

September 30th, 2005 // 19 Comments

Charlize Theron gets all choked up over her star. Actually, that’s kind of nice to see. She strikes a pose that fans of Valerie Cherish, and The Comeback, are familiar with.

Don’t you remember when really old celebrities only received them. At this rate, Dakota Fanning could receive one any day now.

(Images Courtesy of Splash News)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lovincali22

    she totally deserves it, though. she’s so gorgeous. i love her.

  2. uptown slacker

    She was once married to my favorite porn star, Steven St. Croix. Just a random tidbit.

  3. jim

    this is what two good movies will get you in hollywood???

  4. heygirrrl

    awwwwwwww…i love her so.

  5. AlJones

    No Jim, you get a star if you can come up with the money; nothing to do with good movies. Makes me laugh to see people cry when they get one, like it is some sort of statement about their craft and not a vanity show peice.

  6. Blindqueen

    She is working that hairdo!

  7. uwishuwereme

    I agree she’s beautiful…i love her too.

  8. stitch

    she’s so beautiful, but why does she look like she’s wearing clown makeup? Her face and neck are 2 diff shades!

  9. anon

    Big Fucking Deal…I lost ALL respect for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, when VANNA WHITE got one 10 years ago—-it’s a crock of SHIT

  10. meddy

    Those pics make her appear to be 40 years old.

  11. caro

    don’t you have to pay to get a star?

  12. She IS Hollywood Glamour.

  13. caro

    i think she should have been banned forever from getting any type of award after “sweet november” the worst movie ever made. ugh

  14. Laura Lord Belle


    OK, Charlize is gorgeous !!

  15. Carrie

    Ryan Seacrest getting the STAR just ruined the whole Hollywood Star thing for me. I no longer care, because ANYONE can get one.

  16. lindsay

    Any celebrity can get a star. You think those are free? NOOOOOO.. you just have to have the moola to buy one.
    The only reason more people are getting them at an earlier rate is because we overpay stupid people who can’t act. .. which in return fills their egos makes them think they ‘deserve’ a star.

  17. RubbRubb

    So hot…so very, very hittable. Yummy.

  18. Jamison

    No matter what anyone says

    Charlize Theron DOES deserve one, and even if she didnt get one NOW, she wouldve gotten one evetually… so shut the fuck up

  19. Silasdog

    After Vanna & Seacrest ( two total zeroes) the stars are no big deal. However, Ms Theron is truly a great talent and one of the world’s most beautiful women.

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