Charlize Theoron Living The Single Life?

When are we going to get a statement?

Word on the Hollywood streets is that Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend  called it quits around Christmas and here she is again getting a manicure without her antique commitment ring on Tuesday.

Theron seems to be living her possibly single life the healthy way, hitting up the gym and hanging out with friends.  She hosted a party for The Hurt Locker Oscar nominations at Phillippe West Hollywood and stayed after the other stars left to celebrate a female friend’s birthday with dinner. (I added that to Netflix after it won big at the Producer’s Guild Awards and I now it’s been sitting on my coffee table for a week…not a war movie fan, but…must watch Oscar nominated films.  Sorry everyone on the que.)  I’m not sure why she is hosting the party though since I don’t believe she’s in it.