Will Smith’s Breath Stuns Fan on Set of “Hancock”

August 13th, 2007 // 7 Comments

An extra on Will Smith and Charlize Theron’s latest action film, “Hancock,” said that although Smith is extremely handsome and charming in person, his breath left much to be desired. During a frienldly chat with the rapper-turned-movie-star, an anonymous tipster revealed to Media Takeout that despite Smith’s amicable demeanor, his breath was a major turn-off.

When Will was talking to me, I smelled his breath and it smelled like hot [excrement]. You know the kind of breath that’s so bad it makes your eyes water. I thought it might have been something else (like someone farted) but I asked the girl next to me and she said Will’s breath stunk too.

Well, I guess he’s got so much going for him that he has to be flawed in one way or another. Personally, I blame Thetans.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Keeny

    How to kill a myth lol!

  2. HEIDI

    I think it is SOOO rude to even post this. My gosh, who cares. I didnt know everyone in this world had to be perfect. Wow, stupid crap like this makes me want to puke and then make you smell my breath………let me know how you like that.

  3. hy33

    Maybe it stinks cause he just finished munching on Jada’s carpet.

  4. talk about embarrassing

    Probably ate a strong meal the night before and was walking around with an empty stomach.

    Ben Affleck said a similar thing about Morgan Freeman’s breath on one of those gossip TV programs. I was shocked Ben wouldn’t have shown more respect. He basically looked into the camera and said something like, “Mints, Morgan. They’re called Mints.”

  5. nothi

    I heard that Sandra Bullock gave Ben Affleck a whole box full of Altoids mints when they filmed their movie together. Apparently his breath was horrid. Cate Winslet said Dicaprio had gas and had B.O. It can happen to anyone!

  6. cheyenne

    Some good news for any of you with bad breath. Remember Breath Assure tablets a few years back? You don’t need those and doctors keep telling people the same stupid info without truly giving them the advice that works.

    Here is what works w/o a doubt:

    1) Brush your teeth, gums and tongue to REMOVE the “surface” bacteria from your mouth. It builds up like germs on a kitchen sponge.

    2) Drink plenty of water/liquids to flush your system and to avoid dry mouth.

    3) Eat lots of fruit.

    4) Take chlorophyll tablets available at any health food store.

    Chlorophyll acts as an “internal deodorant.” The chlorophyll freshens your stomach and gut. If you take them daily, you will wake up in the morning with fresher breath and not be afraid to breathe on your spouse. You will stop offending everyone.

  7. barry

    It’s called “piss breath”. Smells just like a toilet or urinal that hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. Sounds like mints won’t cut it, he need to chew on a deodorized unrial block.

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