Charlize Theron’s Cellphone ‘Hacked,’ Has April Fools Fun [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

April 2nd, 2012 // Leave a Comment

Charlize Theron stars in a Funny or Die video and pokes fun at celebrities that get caught literally with their pants down. It was her April Fools joke.

Shot on what’s meant to be a mobile phone video, Charlize can be heard saying to the camera: “Move over Paris and Kim. Because I’m into some real kinky sh*t.”

During the video, the hot blonde can be seen telling the men, who are all dressed up in S&M gear, to cry like babies.

She says: “I hope no one sees this, no one’s supposed to see this”, before stroking a huge cat and putting chanting music.

Check out a couple of Charlize vids including her kinky sex tape and Charlize sitting on the toilet. 

Charlize Theron’s Kinky Sex Tape

Sittin On Tha Toilet

Charlize Theron Stalks Some Dude

By Michael Prieve

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