Charlize Theron’s Baby Boy Jackson Gets His First Haircut! [PHOTOS]

Charlize Theron
The star wore Dior Couture to the '12 Golden Globes.
It’s a milestone in every child’s life: the haircut!

And little cutie Jackson Theron had that today! The baby boy and his gorgeous mama, Charlize Theron, were spotted at Rock N’Cuts in Beverly Hills today to get Jackson a trim. They happy duo were also joined by Charlize’s mom, who made sure to document the event with all sorts of pictures.

Charlize should let Jackson grow his hair out a bit and then they can have the same haircut! Also, have we discussed how Charlize should never grow her hair out again? Because lady is owning the cut and we’re loving! Still no word on whether or not Charlize and Seth Macfarlane are a thing. 

The two were said to get cozy at his Oscar’s after party, and while some sources say no, I’m kinda hoping this one happens. She can teach him to me less misogynistic, he can teach her to do voices–it’ll be fabulous!

But for now, Charlize has only got one man in her life and his hair is looking fabulous. Side note: why can’t adults sit in fake cars and get haircuts? New business venture, y’all! Check out all the cute family photos in the gallery and tell us what you think of getting your hair cut in a fake car in the comments!