Charlize Theron Shows Off Her Growing Hair & Her Growing Son [PHOTOS]

It’s happening! Charlize Theron’s son Jackson is slowly becoming one of the cutest kids in Hollywood!

Also, having super gorgeous and super talented actress Charlize Theron as your mother doesn’t really hurt! Charlize and her little man were spotted out and about in Los Angeles yesterday (February 22) heading to a play-date for young Jackson.

How great are his red pants? Like honestly, few people can pull off the ketchup red, but Jackson is definitely one of them. I love how Charlize is holding onto him as he walks around himself. They are so cute!!! And come on! How fabulous is Charlize’s hair looking these days? 

It seems to be growing out and, if I may say so myself, it is growing out quite beautifully. I’m sure she’ll hit Anne Hathawaying hair status in no time! You know, Charlize and Miley Cyrus have essentially the same haircut right now, but for some reason Charlize just works it way more.

Launch the gallery to see all the cute photos of Jackson and Charlize. Where does Jackson rank on your cutest kids of Hollywood scale? And what do you think of Charlize’s growing do? Let us know in the comments! Side note: I totally want her jacket.