Charlize Theron Shows Off Her Bikini Bod & Has A Cute Moment With Son Jackson

Charlize's Red Carpet Looks
Charlize Theron's style through the years.
Apparently today is the day when we look at celebrities and which we were them.

I mean, not that we don’t do that most days, but after seeing the cuteness of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, how do we follow it up? Well, how about with some Charlize Theron, showing off her perfect bikini bod, and hanging out with her perfectly adorable son, Jackson?

Yes, I think that will do quite nicely. Charlize was still busy posing away in Miami for her latest photo shoot. 

Judging from her outfits, her makeup and her “let me lounge on this yacht” pose this has to be for some sort of fashion line. Unless it’s like for a Dior perfume ad. That would be weird, but it would actually make sense.

So, we all want to be Charlize today, right? Even with the fact that she’s dating Sean Penn at quite possibly his creepiest phase? Yes, even with that. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the shoot. Bravo on being so awesome, Charlize.