Charlize Theron & Jackson Are Summer Cuties

Charlize Loses Shirt
Charlize Theron poses provocatively for Vanity Fair.
Very few people on the planet could upstage gorgeous movie star and model, Charlize Theron.

However, her toddler son, Jackson, did a pretty good job of it when he accompanied his famous mother as the twosome made quick work of some errands.

Charlize and Jackson were a stylish pair, with Charlize donning a white tank and blue and white striped capris for the occasion while Jackson sported a decidedly more colorful ensemble in his red pants. 

Theron couldn’t have looked more content as she carried and held hands with her little guy, who looked on studiously as his mother alternately juggled her iced coffee, wallet and fed the parking meter.

These two are so adorable! And so trendsetting, with their short, sporty little hairdos.