Charlize Theron & Her Son Super Jackson Step Out Amid Rumors Of Sean Penn Relationship

Charlize Loses Shirt
Charlize Theron poses provocatively for Vanity Fair.
Not only is Charlize Theron one of Hollywood’s hottest talents, she is also the mother of one of Hollywood’s cutest children.

Charlize and her son Jackson were spotted in Los Angeles earlier today, heading to a children’s gym for some playtime fun. And obviously Jackson had to dress up for the occasion. I like that he not only has a cape, but a mask as well. This is how I feel about masks.

So how come Sean Penn didn’t join in on the family fun? 

Actually, as has been pointed out, Sean hasn’t been pictured with Jackson and Charlize together. But like, he and Charlize are definitely dating right? I mean, they keep eating dinner together and driving around in the same car.

Here’s to hoping that they show up together on the red carpet at the Oscars. As long as they’re both attending, of course. But until we see those pics, launch the gallery to check out some cuteness, courtesy of Jackson. One day Sean Penn might be his step-daddy.