Charlize Theron Grabs Coffee In Hollywood, Is Molding Sean Penn Into The Man She Wants

Charlize's Red Carpet Looks
Charlize Theron's style through the years.
Do you see where Charlize Theron is grabbing coffee? That is the heart of Hollywood Blvd. right there. Like, if you’re a tourist visiting Los Angeles, that’s where you go.

Now imagine you’re a tourist and out of Coffee Bean pops Oscar-winning actress, Charlize Theron. What would you do?!?! I live in LA and I’d probably still freak out.

Too bad we don’t have any reactions shots of the people around her. That would have been amazing. So, did you hear what Charlize had Sean Penn do? 

In case you missed it, Charlize and Sean are for sure a couple. For. Sure. And according to reports, she convinced him to get rid of his 65 guns. Yo, Sean, why so many guns? But my favorite story is that she got him to melt them down into a sculpture. I honestly don’t even care if this is actually true, but it needs to be. It’s so good.

Maybe we’ll get confirmation from the E! True Hollywood Story that will not doubt run on them. Until then, launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Charlize in Hollywood. If you saw her today I need pics or it didn’t happen.