Charlize Theron Goes Edgy At ‘Young Adult’ Los Angeles Premiere [PHOTOS]

Actress Charlize Theron wore a strange Stella McCartney one-shoulder with net style detail, along with a ruffled navy blue mid section and white skirt to the Los Angeles premiere of her film Young Adult. I guess she was trying to go edgy?

Despite the dress choice, Charlize looked stunning as always.

I didn’t realize this until I looked at he imdb page, but this is Charlize’s first movie since she provided a voice for animated movie Astro Boy back in 2009.

The actress just received a Golden Globe nomination in the Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical category for her role as teen novelist and wannabe husband-snatcher in Young Adult.

As for why she chose this film. She said, “The first thing that really grabbed me was Jason Reitman, I have to say, and the combination of this material with him. I really wanted to work with him and I saw a lot of potential in the character that Diablo [Cody] wrote. It was not a hard decision.”