Charlize Theron Gets A Special Visit From Son Jackson During Photo Shoot

Charlize's Bikini Bod
Charlize Theron looked amazing in Hawaii with Sean Penn.
First of all, let’s take a few minutes and talk about how absolutely stunning Charlize Theron is.

The Oscar-winning actress was spotted in Miami today, posing up a storm for a photo shoot. Look at her, just lounging on that yacht looking like she owns the place. Well, I mean, she is Charlize Theron.

After her photo shoot, Charlize got a very special visit from son, Jackson. The same son who had the pleasure of being terrified by Sean Penn. Also, where’s Sean Penn? 

Weren’t she and he inseparable? I guess he didn’t feel like joining her for some working beach time in Miami. I mean, I don’t know why he wouldn’t. Look at the way her hair is blowing in the wind–ugh, I want to be her.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Charlize on the beach. Too bad we can’t get a better shot of Jackson. That kid is a major cutie.