Charlize Theron Covers InStyle, Appreciates Life These Days [PHOTOS]

Charlize Theron covers the June issue of InStyle looking all sorts of disco glorious.  She has two movies coming out next month – Prometheus and Snow White And The Huntsman – and has become synonymous with Dior, having been the house’s face of J’Adore for some time now.

“I’m good with how my life is right now,” the South African beauty told the magazine.  “It’s very different, and I appreciate that. I’m happy and at peace.”  Theron recently adopted a child, Jackson, who joined her in London for SWATH press.  “It was never a question that one day I would have a child,” she said.

If she wasn’t a star, what would Theron be doing?  “I would be an amazing butler. I’m very good at organizing a house.”

Check out the shoot in our gallery.