‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot Doesn’t Thrill Me

Charlie’s Angels is being resurrected by executive producer Drew Barrymore, and I’m a bit nervous about recycling the classics.  We’ve been down this road before with reboots.  90210, Melrose Place, Hawaii Five-O (which, while not awful, should have just taken on a name of its own).  Viewers get really fired up about the idea of yesteryear’s great television shows, but they forget that lighting doesn’t strike twice.  They were great the first time around because the stories were comprised of original content.  It wasn’t every day you’d see classy broads kicking ass and fighting crime.  And you didn’t suffer as much heartache this time around when Navid kissed Silver, did you?

The reboot (planned to air on ABC) is in its infancy, with Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Illonzeh cast as the crime-fighting beautybots.  Kelly was spotted departing from LAX yesterday looking fit enough to fight the bad guys, but she and the other girls will have to endure some heavy training if the series gets picked up.  Entertainment Weekly has the scoop on Angels: Instead of police academy graduates, the ladies will play criminals given a chance at redemption by Charlie (Robert Wagner is in talks to play this role).  BTW, don’t bother looking for any signs of Skype or Ichat.  Charlie’s keeping it simple with his voice-in-a-box.  And while Barrymore’s films were playful and lighthearteded, the series will not be.  What might be a little harder to keep viewers interested is this: the plot is self-contained, meaning that there won’t be a consistent storyline to follow.  Each episode will face an issue, and that issue will be resolved by hour’s end.

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The pilot is being shot in March and ABC will decided by mid-Spring if it wants to pick Angels up for next Fall.

What are your thoughts on this reboot?  Do you think it will be a worthwhile drama?