‘Charlie’s Angels’ Not Doing Well, Minka Kelly Is Hot But Bad

Don’t you just hate when your new fall show doesn’t do well in the ratings or with the critics? I’m sure that’s how Charlie’s Angels star Minka Kelly feels at the moment. Sure, she is absolutely gorgeous and can even have people fired if they slap her across the bum in the wrong way, but critics are not digging her acting.

According to MailOnline one critic wrote of the new reboot, “It’s beyond heinous. It contains some of the worst acting of the last decade on network television, much of it by Minka Kelly.” Ouch. That’s gotta sting. You know, I didn’t think this reboot would do well, but do people listen to me? No.

PHOTOS: Minka Kelly Looks Stunning at the 2011 Emmy Awards

Luckily Minka and her co-stars Rachel Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh looked to be having a fantastic time on set while filming a scene involving jetskis and the beach. They’re all super beautiful so it’s a shame there’s no acting skills to go along with it. Although, that may be more the fault of the show. Even good acting can’t save bad writing.

I bet Minka is happy she’s got co-star Ramon Rodriguez to be with since the pair are rumored to be dating. What do you guys think of the show? Do you watch it? Love it? Hate it? Launch the gallery and check out all the pics of the Angels having fun then tell us your thoughts.