Charlie Sheen’s Foul-Mouthed Voicemails

April 24th, 2006 // 42 Comments

Someone’s in need of a big-ass bar of soap to wash that mouth out with. The Smoking Gun has transcripts from six voicemails that Charlie Sheen left for Denise Richards. Someone has a temper.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Charlie's Crack Pipe


    Wow, he calls her a “nigger”!

    First of all , it is unacceptable that he uses that word – second to use it to describe your white wife – WTF?

    He’s an ass. No more Charlie Sheen movies for me.

  2. ohpleaze

    Reading the whole transcript of her complaint is really disturbing. I knew there was a reason Charlie Sheen made my skin crawl. There is just way too much detail in there for her to be making it up. Scary stuff. He sounds just like a crazy abusive fucker I had the misfortune to be involved with years ago that I had to put a restraining order on (which he subsequently broke.) I totally feel for her. You did the right thing, Denise, by exposing him for what he really is. It had to be done to protect the kids.

  3. ohpleaze

    I agree Charlie’s Crack Pipe (LOL)– it is completely unacceptable to use that foul term. Shows a lot about his character.

  4. Manda

    Poor Martin Sheen–one of his kids is a crazy drug-abusing lech, the other a star of the Mighty Ducks Franchise and Paula Abdul’s ex. How do go from “Apocalypse Now” and “the West Wing” to all that other shit in one short generation?

  5. Shelley

    I agree. If you read Denise Richards’ complaint it’s obvious she’s not making this up. I feel for her, truly. What an asshole.

  6. ravenswing

    and I’m a little, okay MORE than a little p*ssed that some posters from a cpl of days ago when this story broke took HIS side.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope you sleep well tonite. sh*theads. You and Chuckie

  7. d.c.

    hahaha.. and she left this wonderful man?! What a jerk!

  8. Charlie's skanky dick

    WOW! What a prick!

    Just read the whole Smoking Gun transcript…
    Her poor kids- I can’t believe she tolerated
    him for so long.

  9. c

    There are also some pictures of Denise and Ritchie Sambora that are surfacing as well. This divorce is going to ugly if she was messing with him while he was still married to Heather.

  10. CharlieWeirdo

    big ass bar of soap….
    i haven’t laughed that hard in WEEKS!

  11. shelley

    Yeah, it’s disturbing, but it seems as if she made an honest attempt to make it work. I don’t know what to think about the Sambora thing except that Locklear initiated that one, and it could be they were all friends and now both Richards and Sambora are going through this crap and, well, it wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened. It doesn’t mean they were hooking up beforehand.

  12. libby

    after reading her divorce complaint, i believed every word of it. but after reading these messages, i have a feeling she DID exaggerate one or two things just to destroy this ABUSIVE PRICK….

    like the thing about porn women w/ no pubic hair, dressed in pigtails…appeared “underage.” um..i think HALF THE WEB ADDRESSES on the internet are for underage-LOOKING girls going at it! if you look at all closely, you can easily see that they are usually dried-out, whooped pussy and asshole, 25-something skanks with visible wrinkles.
    so the hint of pedophilia there is pretty dubious.

    AND saying he looked at gay websites. who hasn’t? really, even b/c you’re curious, whatever. come on. and “the boys ‘looked’ very young,” see above concerning the single largest demographic in this country–”men who wish they could fuck somebody younger than themselves”, i believe it’s called.

    but “just” revealing he’s an abusive dick isn’t enough to destroy him… “hint” at his pedophilia and being gay…..THAT could kill his career forever.

    he deserves being destroyed, surely.i’ve never understood his appeal in the slightest. i’m just saying she could be exaggerating a little.

    i’m glad she went there! now THIS is gonna be a DIVORCE for the ages!

  13. libby

    sorry about my long posts. yesterday, today, and forever.

    please add this page to your “favorites,” so that you can reference this disclaimer as needed.
    thank you.
    i enjoy this website and its regulars….
    also DLISTED folks are awesome!

    prico is HAWT!

  14. las

    No. F-ing. Way. Say goodbye to your career, Chuckie.

    I wonder if he was always this vicious during their marriage or whether he just turns into a beast when she said sayonara.

  15. Kris

    Charlie isn’t just a menace to Denise and their children but to all of society with his porn addiction. I hope Denise has turned his pc hard drive over to law enforcement and he gets what he has coming – JAIL.

    And ANYbody who would buy his childrens clothes is downright stupid.

  16. emma

    I read the entire complaint on Smoking Gun. Charlie Sheen is a monster. He needs help and he also needs to do some time for assaulting and terrorizing his wife and children. Richards should have left him a LONG time ago, and she needs to deal with her inner issues that caused her to stay this long (and actually become involved with this guy in the first place). That being said, you GO girl – we’re behind you, Denise and kids.







  18. PIG





  19. Rumor

    I read all 17 frightening pages. Charlie Sheen didn’t start his relationship with Richards like this. At first, Sheen was on good behavior because the romance was new. He called her an “angel.” After some time, and especially after the kids were born, he probably got bored, missed his previous lifestyle, and started to take her for granted. He wants to keep up the “facade” of married life. He wants her to be the submissive, abused, long-suffering wife.

    Weirdos like Sheen are constantly worried about how others see them. They are discreet in their devilment. Believe me, this whole ordeal is like death to his very soul because now the world knows how truly sick he is. This “leak” is probably one of the worst things he ever imagined happening. This is the main reason why he is so fiery mad at her.

    I would be very concerned about my safety, especially if Sheen falls deeply back into drug addiction and becomes suicidal. If he starts to feel like his career is over because everyone knows his dirty secrets, and that he has nothing left to live for, he very well may try to take her and/or the children out of here, along with himself. This is a very volatile situation.

    Sheen has always been able to charm his way out of sticky situations in times past and almost come out smelling like a rose, but not anymore. He’s going to be investigated. Imagine if he was in any way involved with that porn star’s death! He’s really going down.

  20. Charlie Supporter

    Well, looks like I am a minority. I watched his show for the first time tonight…just to show my support of him. 1st off, just because he left those messages, didn’t mean that she didn’t leave any of the same sort…..perhaps Charlie just never kept them. Always two sides of the story…oh Charlie is such a rotten guy that she married him right……and then she is so smart she had not only one child but two with him right…….ya right. Would a rationale person have kids with someone if they were treated like that?…no…so..either it was a two way street or blown out of proportion and only seeing one side of it.

    Denise ……-1

  21. las

    “1st off, just because he left those messages, didn’t mean that she didn’t leave any of the same sort…..perhaps Charlie just never kept them. ”

    Sorry, your argument isn’t convincing. Denise is innocent of sending abusive, obscene, racist emails until proven guilty. You’re merely assuming that she did, with no reason to think so. There is PLENTY of reason to think that Sheen would.

    Secondly, it doesn’t matter how smart Denise is or isn’t. ANYONE who has been involved with a monster like that deserves at least some support.

  22. mutterhals

    The first post nailed it, but why the hell does he call Denise Richards the N-word? What crack was he smoking?

  23. Dominique

    Wow, I’m sure Charlie’s new children’s clothing line, “Sheen Kidz” is going to fly off of the shelves. Who wouldn’t want their kids wearing clothes made by such an upstanding citizen?

  24. karen

    Those were messages on her answering machine, not emails.

  25. C

    Poor Denise. I really never cared for her but from these court documents it seems as though she is an extremely good mother and has tried to resolve her and Charlie’s issues so her kids could still have a good relationship with their father. It was surprising to me how crazy he got about her ceasing breast-feeding and taking the girls for their shots. I hope that after the divorce she can be safe and her girls can grow up happy. She made an honest mistake in marrying him.

    Charlie Supporter: Charlie left those messages on her machine – note how he kept saying “call me back.” She never did so he has no evidence of her. Get real.

    Additionally, I doubt Denise wanted to “make up” stories about the porn sites he visited. The fact that he was physically abusive, saw prostitutes, and was addicted to drugs and gambling is damaging enough. What difference does it make that he was also on porn sites? He is PSYCHOTIC.

  26. mutterhals

    The first post nailed it, but why the hell does he call Denise Richards the N-word? What crack was he smoking?

  27. Felix Unger

    How this guy ever won an Emmy is beyond me. HE SUCKED on Spin City and Two and A Half Men is one of the WORST sitcoms ever. I hope he rots in hell.

  28. charlie fan

    Hey I think we all need to remember that we are only hearing one side of the story. If this guy was such an ass then why stay with him for so long and have another kid with him. I also do find this a coincidence that this all happened the day before his clothing line was launched. As for the paranoia and the gun lots of people have guns and Charlie has admitted to having one for years. As for the porn I think that is highly exaggerated if it is that offensive then it should be investigated to the police. As for threatening to kill her if she was that frightened of him then why tell all this to the media to futher enrage him, it just doesn’t add up to me. Oh and if he was that obsessed by the 9/11 conspiracy then I think it would have leaked out to the media way before this. Finally Denise wasn’t complaining when this was alledgedly happening and was progressing her career.

  29. C

    Charlie Fan: Charlie’s obsession with 911 came out about 3 weeks ago, so it did get to the media before this incident. In fact, Miu reported it on this very site.

    Secondly, this all leaked to the media by the smoking gun website. It only hit once the gun posted the court documents on the website. The papers were filed on April 19th – its not her fault that the order was granted on April 21st. Additionally, Charlie’s the one who threatened her on the 12th, which set into motion her request for the restraining order. And, as it seems to be classic Charlie, he is blaming her for his own actions. How dare she get tested for AIDS and let the media catch on! It’s not my fault I wouldn’t show her my test results. How dare she file for restraining orders the week I am releasing the kids clothing line! It’s not my fault I threatened the lives of her and her parents.

  30. Monica

    I would like to point out that on the SmokingGun website it VERY CLEARLY states that these messages are PHONE messages, not emails. The heading on this site is INCORRECT.

  31. Sami

    1. She stayed so long because that’s the pattern that abused women follow. She felt worthless and she allowed it to go on.
    2. If he has kiddie porn, it will come out in an investigation. The evidence can be erased but it will still be there. No doubt her lawyer told her that. She said it because it’s true and can be proven.
    3. She memorialized the abuse to save her life. He wouldn’t dare kill her now.

  32. just a thought

    So, I guess from the responses that no one has ever gone through a bad break-up and said things that they regretted saying later. Charlie was ANGRY, people say things without thinking when they are ANGRY. Denise wants everyone to know that she hates her ex and thinks we should hate him, too. There are two sides to every story. I’m not condoning kiddie porn and I think it is vile and revolting, but an adult can make his or her own decisions on whether to view porn featuring adults. If you don’t like it, don’t look. But don’t judge others if they do.

  33. Denise has no MORALS

    I mean they key thing is DENiSE AND HEATHER were best friends.. what kind of sick bitch screws her BEST friend over??? i mean like shes still in the process of divorcing sambora… she couldnt at least have the courtesy of waiting if she was going to screw locklear over?? charlie sheen is a jerk but denise richards is a conniving bitch!

  34. Denise has no MORALS

    I mean the key thing is DENiSE AND HEATHER were best friends.. what kind of sick bitch screws her BEST friend over??? i mean like shes still in the process of divorcing sambora… she couldnt at least have the courtesy of waiting if she was going to screw locklear over?? charlie sheen is a jerk but denise richards is a conniving bitch!

  35. Go Sheen

    you all men hating biatches need to shut up and get back to your daily chores like washing the dishes and doing the laundry, that all you biatches are good for!

  36. Wayne

    I agree with Charlie . The nice little wife turns out to be a skank and is now hated by her best friend,however I don’t believe cursing solves any problems.Sounds like he’s very pissed.

  37. BIATCH

    Yes, there are some porn addicts right here, bet your bottom dollar. You stick together. I hate you. Your filth demeans women. You’re all a bunch of low-life bastards who can go straight to hell!

  38. karen

    first it is a disgrace that he uses such words and to use the n… word. You would think his mother and father trained him better than that.. They both need training. As far as she is concerned she was never a friend to Heather what kind of woman does that to her friend Charlie and Denise needs help!

  39. Girly Girl

    First off, I’m not sure why he calls her the “N” word? Yes, it’s racist, but she’s not black or even slighty ethnic……isn’t she the “evil white devil,” from “UnderCover Brother?” Does he mean niggarD? With a “D” at the end, the word actually means stingy or miserly if you look it up in the dictionary….but I don’t know if either of them are bright enough to know that?
    Otherwise, these are taken out of context…..I’m sure there’s the definite possibility Charlie being a monster with a temper….but I’m wondering what’s being said on the other side as well? I mean, if someone wasn’t letting me see my loved ones, I might be spitting obscenities incoherently, as I’m sure many would…’s human nature. And if she supposedly cares about her daughters so much, why is every little detail out in the public? Why does she pimp her little daughters out for photo ops every chance she gets? Without her daughters or her new man and scandal, wouldn’t she just fade into obscurity? (where she belongs) I mean, lets say, even if Charlie were an abusive psycho…..would you ever want your child to know their father wanted them aborted? Children still feel that they are part of their parents-even if they are former/present addicts, so why would you want to add to the mountain of baggage these kids are already going to have? What kind of mother doesn’t protect them from something like that? And the charges of almost “kiddie porn,” are really, really transparently fabricated…….every man AND woman who has half a brain out there knows the typical cliche fantasy of the “school girl.” Geez, you can’t watch cable past 10pm without “Girls gone wild,” commercial every ten minutes…..yet she she’s shocked? The language of the document is very careful to protect her lie as she could get sued out of house and home if she actually said he WAS looking at kiddie porn… states “what appeared to me to be….blah, blah, blah.” Those obvious manipulations make one think she’s lying about more and really undermine her credibility…..that and oh yea, her complete lack of talent and ability to get decent jobs due to the fact that she’s an aging white washed porno wh*r*. Has she forgot her role in Wild Things? Didn’t she play some sort of oversexualized teenager? And if Charlie really was into boys, I’m sure Heidi F. could have arranged that back in the day and the public would have heard of it already……..come on, he doesn’t seem to care what you know about him, so why would he hide something so non like being gay? Think about it folks, what kind of person makes lies up like this? Imagine how you would feel if you were the one your ex was lying about? Poor kids, between an addictive personality, short fused dad and a manipulative, selfish, psychopathic mom, what chance to they have?

  40. Ma'am

    Being a woman myself, I suppose I should take sides with Denise. But being a woman, I also know how b*tchy we can be, and I seriously doubt Denise is not to be blamed for provoking Charlie to spew such nasty language. I have been at the provoking end of such arguments myself, having a man who would otherwise not ever say such awful things, say them as a reaction to what I’ve said or done. Denise is not a saint, she’s as much to blame. It takes two to make a relationship work, and I doubt Charlie said those things with no provocation from her.

  41. mik

    Has everyone forgotten the meaning of the word “nigger”? Also maybe she has black blood in her ya know thats not unheard of.

  42. FYI

    I’ll say it again. One of Charlie Sheen’s best friends is a black guy who was the best man at his wedding to Denise Richards.

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