Charlie Sheen Said Denise Asked for a Pretty Personal Memento of His


Even though Charlie Sheen was apparently not good enough of a husband for Denise Richards, she does have to admit that he knows how to make some cute babies. At least, that’s what it sounds like. According to Charlie, the rumors that his ex-wife requested a sperm donation from him in order to have more of his children “are true.” He spoke with Entertainment Tonight on the subject, as well as his desire to change the couple’s custody agreement.

“I’m good enough to provide DNA but I’m not good enough to hire my own child care provider?”

Oh snap! I love it! Charlie’s fighting back and has no problem doing it publicly, which we here at ASL fully condone. Meanwhile, however, Denise is saying that it’s a bunch of BS and she wouldn’t want his stupid sperms even if they bought her eggs dinner. Richards has reportedly responded to the reports by stating:

“I don’t want another child right now.”

I wouldn’t piss her off too much, though, Charlie. As much fun as it looks, that woman has devil eyebrows and probably likes to use sex as a weapon. And I’ve never really understood what the expression “use sex as a weapon” meant exactly, but I bet in Denise’s case it means her vagina bites.