Charlie Sheen Has Denise Removed

May 1st, 2006 // 10 Comments

From his wrist, that is. Let this be a lesson to everyone who is thinking of getting their love’s name or face tattooed on themselves. Tori Spelling’s fiance should be worried.

Why was Charlie Sheen wearing that mysterious bandage around his left wrist (sorry, Charlie — the watch didn’t hide it!). Given that it was only two days after his estranged wife, Denise Richards, filed explosive court papers alleging Sheen’s taste for gambling, drugs and porn, Star guessed that he recently had his “Denise” tattoo removed from the area — and we guessed right! “True. He did,” Charlie’s rep confirms to Star!

Charlie Sheen Erased His “Denise” Tattoo [Star Magazine]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. marlie

    Even if Tori Spelling and her “actor” boyfriend do break-up, he should keep her tat. It’s the least he can do given the free publicity he has received for having dated her. He would never have seen it otherwise.

  2. Scott

    Or, maybe Charlie was so overwhelmed by the ugliness of the charges that he finally said: ENOUGH!!!!

    Sidenote: someone found him before it was too late.

  3. Tizzle

    If those child porn allegations are true, this evidence will be on his hard drive and easy enough for authorities to discover. We will see if this is a truth or not. If she lied she will probably be in legal trouble.

  4. Kris

    But Denise did a bigger removal job. lol

  5. Kris

    And, of course, he wore the watch to bring attention.
    hahaha, Charlie, if *that’s* your revenge,

  6. Madam Fleiss

    What a bonehead. His immaturity and self absorption is quite obvious. He’ll be grasping for straws from here on out, trying to convince everybody that he’s the normal, loving family man. What a joke! What an embarrassment to the Sheen family. What kind of husband wants his wife to abort their children? Loving father my foot!!!

  7. girlfriend

    I know I am going to get slammed, but I think Denise is lying. Who writes 17 pages and makes it public so her children can read it one day. Plus rich women don’t have to stay in it. I am sorry I know most people believe Denise but I don’t. I guess time will tell all.

  8. Lulu

    If Denise is lying, why publish the bad with the good? She also said Charlie was good after their second child was born. Men like Charlie share similarities in their behavior. If he is an addict, he’s a liar. Oh my God, how addicts lie! Denise may not be squeaky clean, but I believe she loved Charlie and that she is telling the truth. She didn’t stay with him that long. If you really love someone and they promise to straighten up, you give them chances. That’s what she did. I would talk about my kids’ father if it were true and in their best interest. The truth will come out anyhow. Charlie has serious problems and she doesn’t want her kids to be damaged by him. Letting the public in on this is what will probably make him tell the truth. His past girlfriends kept their mouth shut, so he thinks he’ll get away with everything.

  9. Alexandra

    Does anyone think Charlie Sheen looks like a thinner Simon Cowell here?

  10. been there

    Let’s see, Denise Richards has had more on- screen threesomes and sexually charged roles than half the bimbos in Holywood, and despite all the effort, she’s still a B-list actress. Of course all that changed when she married Sheen. Now she’s an A-list gossip commodity. I bet she and Charlie were swingers with Locklear and Sambora and finally the swing swung the wrong way for her. I will be shocked if Sheen is a pedophile. I won’t be shocked if Richards had some bi moments with Locklear and slept with Sambora alone, and with her present.

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