Charlie Sheen Cuts Through Long Time Domestic Problems with a Knife

More information has been reported by E! News regarding the Charlie Sheen Christmas day domestic dispute with Brooke Mueller. According to E!, the weapon present in the dispute and the cause of the charges, was a knife.

However, this major incident doesn’t mark the first time Sheen and Mueller have had marital problems.

“Brooke and Charlie have had many fights during their short marriage over his insistence on staying home and never wanting to go out,” a source close to the Mueller family said to E! News.

In addition, Sheen also has issues with Mueller’s mother who is very social while Sheen tends to be more “cerebral and not interested in fluff,” added the source.

A source close to Mueller told People that the couple would be attending marriage counseling and Sheen would enroll in anger management counseling.

“Brooke said right before she got pregnant after their wedding that she was ‘so bored’ and revealed to pals she wasn’t sure how long they’d last,” added the source close to the Mueller family.

Well how’s that for spicing it up, Brooke? After all, you did marry Charlie Sheen!

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