Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards Keep the Sexual Tension High by Appearing Ready to Kill Each Other at Any Given Moment


Exes, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards seem perched and ready to take out the other’s throat in public at the drop of a hat. Why? Oh, because they can’t seem to work out their child custody issues. Charlie’s pissed that Denise insists that an “assistant” of hers be present whenever Charlie and his fiancée, Brooke Mueller, are taking care of them. And Denise has expressed her annoyance at that Charlie’s being so open with the press about their child custody battles, in particular, his claim that she asked for his sperm. Charlie, in response to Denise’s complaints, told FOX that he feels obligated to air their dirty laundry as a result of the restrictions Denise has placed on his custody rights.

“Until I’m granted the ability to hire my own nanny, she is required to provide one and I was terribly insulted that she felt her ‘assistant’ was a suitable replacement.”

Yeah, Denise, let the man talk. When celebrities fight in public, everyone wins.