Charlie Sheen And Brooke Mueller Only Halfway To Divorce

Amidst reports that Charlie Sheen has been slipping on a disguise to sneak out and slip it to Angelina Tracy (who wrote a denial to Access Hollywood), the internet has been heating up with divorce rumors. Honestly that doesn’t seem like a bad idea. While both of them went to rehab and Brooke wanted the charges dropped, just as prosecutors are not ignoring the felony charges you can’t ignore the crazy shit in this marriage. Here’s the couple two years ago when they were engaged and bright eyed about the future.

“Charlie has returned to old habits,” a source told E! News. “Brooke has moved out of their family home. Brooke and Charlie still talk, but they don’t see each other.”

Charlie’s rep confirmed to Us that the two are “living apart” but he adds “They are still married and have no plans for divorce.” Well, they may not have the plans, but it sounds like they are halfway there. Taking a breather usually means ‘I’m not entirely ready to dump you yet but give me some time to weigh my options’. Hopefully, someone is weighing in those twins.