Charlie Sheen’s Tour Isn’t Really Winning

After sh**ing the bed in Detriot, Charlie Sheen (kind of) redeemed himself with a revamped show in Chicago last night.  Instead of trying a comedy routine, Sheen instead brought an interviewer on stage and answered questions candidly for his audience. The Sun reports that Sheen told the crowd he would return to Two And A Half Men if given the opportunity.  She explained, “If they say: ‘Here’s your job back,’ I’ll go back to work.  I think it’s a great f**king show (but) they (producers) didn’t give a f**k that I was hammered for eight years…Money, ratings, money, ratings.”  Then he took his shirt off. Watch video from the show after the jump.

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The New York post was not as kind, noting that ticket sales have dropped from $126 to as low as $34 since bad reviews came of out Detroit’s Saturday show.   The Post also claims that top hotels in New York refuse to book rooms for Sheen and his entourage during the Big Apple stop because of the troubled actor’s Plaza hotel incident last year.