Charlie Sheen Prepares For War And Speaks In Riddles

Another day, another episode of “Sheen’s Korner,” in which Charlie Sheen once again broadcasted himself from his Ustream channel to vow war on his ex-bosses.

Before Even before he appeared on screen, an image of a book called The Art of War: Great Commanders of The Ancient and Medieval World 1500 BC – AD 1600 filled the background. That’s when we knew we were in for a show.

PHOTOS: Charlie with one of his girlfriends looking happy as can be!

Watch the indecipherable rant after the jump! It’s like watching a broadcast from The Joker. He’s only a can of green hairspray and a tin of white pancake makeup away…

“What occurred yesterday was completely and entirely illegal, unconscionable and, to quote my lawyer, really shitty shitty, suck suck,” he said about being fired and then went on to call himself ‘The Malibu Messiah.’

His final words were, “Stay tuned good soldiers, I’ll see you all very soon on the battlefield. Dog speed.”

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