Charlie Sheen Gets Booed Off Stage

April 3rd, 2011 // 3 Comments

Looks like Charlie Sheen threw his audience a fastball when he was booed off stage during his debut show in Detroit on Saturday. According to multiple reports, the only thing Sheen was doing on stage was ranting.  The crazed star provoked walk-outs and demands for refunds.  At one point Charlie even said “Already got your f****** money dude” to an audience member who yelled “you suck” in the middle of the performance.

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The show featured appearances by his “goddesses”, a live Q&A session, film clips of his father Martin Sheen and Johnny Depp as well as a live rap by Simon Rexx. The 20-city tour is scheduled through the month of April with steep ticket prices. Less than an hour after Sheen began his rant, he walked off stage and the house lights came on. Loosing. Charlie was recently fired from the hit show Two and a Half Men due to his erratic behavior and addiction problems.

By Amanda Miller

  1. Tyler

    Sheen is a total pig. No question. He has a history of abusing women. he should be behind the bars dealing with bastards like himself

  2. Tommy

    Sheen is a total winner. No question. He has a history of being totally awesome and not gay. Tyler, do you drink tiger blood? Charlie Sheen does. Winning.

  3. Tyler

    Sheen IS talented but by no means he is a decent person. he is an abuser and desperately needs help… but instead he is enjoyin all the publicity he gets…

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