Charlie Hunnam Smolders at Fox TCA All-Star Party, Is Just As Excited About ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Movie As We Are

Charlie Hunnam was dressed in all his Sons of Anarchy glory for Fox’s Summer 2014 TCA All-Star Party last night.  I really do prefer him in his Jax Teller get-up because honestly, he looks hot as hell!

The only thing hotter than that would be seeing him as Christian Grey but that ship has sailed.  I’ve jumped on the Jamie Dornan bandwagon now and surprisingly so has Charlie.  

The actor got candid at the Fox party Sunday night about the steamy flick and why he “still believes in it”.  Charlie is the original Christian Grey and we all remember how divided the world was about that!  That whole argument could have been avoided if they had just cast Matt Bomerin the role but that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, Charlie dropped out of the racy film a month after he was cast due to a scheduling conflict and not having adequate time to prepare for the role.  So any of the other rumors about why he passed on the role are not true! Especially since Charlie was “heartbroken” he had to walk away from the part.

But he is rooting for current Christian, Jamie Dornan.  He thinks that Jamie is “a lot better looking and a lot smoother”.  I have to disagree here cause both these guys are equally hot.  But if there is anyone who is still curious about what type of “Grey” Charlie would have been, he is willing to have his audition included as an extra in the DVD.

As if we needed more reason to see this footage, Charlie says he would have brought a “certain rugged charm” to the role.  Ok, well if you’re gonna say that now he have to see it!

Something else that will get “Fifty” fans excited is the release of the first official trailer for the movie on Thursday.  How’s that for getting you through this Monday?!  Queen Beyonce herself even released a tease for the trailer on her Instagram which possibly hinted at her involvement in the soundtrack.

This is too hot to handle and I can’t wait till the film is released on Valentine’s Day 2015!  Until then I’ll just distract myself with pics of Charlie Hunnam and visualize him in the “Red Room of Pain”.

Launch the gallery to see more pics of the former Christian Grey at the Fox TCA All-Star Party.