Charlie Hunnam Hits The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Set Alongside New Co-Star Lea Michele

Charlie Suits Up!
Charlie Hunnam suits up alongside Idris Elba for 'Pacific Rim'
Oh did you miss the news? Yes, Lea Michele will be guest starring on Sons of Anarchy this season.

They are really pulling out all the guest stars for the final season, although I know that most of us would have been just as pleased to watch Charlie Hunnam be shirtless for an entire season. Can we make that happen? Can that be a show? I like that.

Charlie looked pretty cute on set today with his shades, cigarette and knife holder. It’s so weird imaging him outside of the Jax Teller get up at this point. 

Remember when he was sweet, blonde and frail Nicholas Nickleby? My word that was long ago. OK, now back to Lea for a hot second. Clearly she’s trying to shed the Glee image with this new role. Lea stars as Gertie (yes, Gertie) a truck-stop waitress and single mother who makes friends with Katey Sagal’s Gemma. This should be highly entertaining indeed.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the set today. And just for your retro pleasure, here’s Charlie Hunnam in the short lived classic Undeclared. So, so good.