Charles Barkley Is Off To Jail

February 24th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Charles Barkley is off to jail!

Remember that little DUI/speeding ticket Charles earned on New Year’s Eve because he wanted a blowjob? The lady in question (at least it was a real lady) was so orally gifted Charles was willing to speed through the streets of Arizona with a BAC well (and we mean well) over the legal limit to scoop her up.

Well the law has rested it’s iron mitts on Mr. Barkley and gifted him 10 days in jail!

According to EOnline:
“He’ll only have to spend five days behind bars, however, if he
completes an alcohol-education program. A $2,000 fine was also levied
on him for the incident. He’s due to start serving his sentence by
March 21.”

After offering to tattoo the name of the cop on his ass, Charles sobered up and released a tail- -in-between-legs statement saying:

“Clearly everybody knows I got a DUI,” Barkley said. “That’s
unacceptable, 100 percent my fault…I screwed up, I made a mistake,
I’m sorry, I apologize.”

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By Melissa Noble

  1. SFRowGuy

    If you ever need a visual reference for the term ‘Screwing over a Sweet Deal’…

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