Charles Saatchi’s Latest Excuse For Choking Nigella Lawson: He Was Picking Her Nose

Only a little over a week has passed since we covered the photos of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson being choked in public by her husband of nearly ten years, Charles Saatchi. In the aftermath, Saatchi laughed off the incident as a “playful tiff” and waltzed away with a police caution while Nigella fled their marital home and felt pressure to leave Saatchi while also declaring, “I am not some sort of battered wife.”

In the past 24 hours, several more stories about Nigella and Saatchi have been published. The Mail has spoken to the photographer who witnessed the choking incident, and he has revealed that Saatchi berated Nigella for a total of 27 minutes, and the photog was snapping away during the entirety of their argument. That means Nigella endured 27 minutes of choking (with Saatchi grabbing her neck a total of four times) and nose pinching (in public), and nobody thought to find the situation disturbing or odd or decided to intervene.

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