Charlene Wittstock May Be The Next Princess Diana

While the Duchess of Cambridge is making every girl on planet earth jealous,  Charlene Wittstock…is not.  The bride-to-be of Prince Albert of Monaco reportedly tried to flee the country after learning that her fiance fathered yet another illegitimate child (he has two already).  French news magazine L’Express reports that police confiscated Wittstock’s passport at the Nice airport so that Albert’s entourage could “persuade her to stay,” according to the Daily Mail.  Though the prince’s lawyer has demanded that the paper print a retraction, L’Express stands by its story.

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More stories of Wittstock’s misery are unfolding, with the Times telling New York Magazine that the South African Olympian was flown to Monaco four years ago and put up in a small apartment so that she could appear by Albert’s side.  Wittstock is not allowed to give many interviews, and when she does, the palace must review the text before it’s published.  The Times also said, “Like Diana Spencer three decades ago, she is a much younger bride of a prince with other love interests, who has been painstakingly choreographed by a palace apparatus intent on managing her image … Will her royal marriage end up being a happy union based on mutual love and respect, as Kate’s seems to be so far, or a melancholy charade like Diana’s?”

The wedding is due to take place this Saturday, July 2nd.