Charity-Loving Charlize Theron To Star In ‘Mad Max 4?’

The blinding smile on Charlize Theron’s face at the OneXOne fundraiser is a testament to her passion for her humanitarian pursuits. She even kissed a woman after she bid $140,000 for a 7-second kiss. For the record, it lasted 20 seconds.

But as we all know from her role in Hancock, there’s an ass-kicking, leather-boots wearing vixen lurking underneath those blond curls of hers. And rumor has it, the Oscar winner is considering working with director, George Miller, in the female lead role for Mad Max 4.

British actor, Tom Hardy, is being considered to star as well. The talk is all very hush-hush, but it does sound like a very interesting prospect for Ms. Charlize.

Gallery Info: Charlize Theron at the 2nd Annual ONEXONE Fundraiser.