Channing And Jenna Still Enjoying Italy

Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan have been enjoying Italy and have been seen doing numerous activities this past week. They have been taking advantage of the sun and of course the 2010 Ischia Film and Music Festival. Channing and Jenna, seen here soaking up the sun in Italy on July 16, 2010.
This year Channing is receiving a major honor at the film festival for his role in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Also seen at the film festival was The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner, Josh Hartnett and Heather Graham.
Channing will reluctantly have to end his romantic trip to return filming What You Don’t Know directed by Ron Howard. The movie is also starring Vince Vaughn and Winona Ryder. It is expected to come out sometime in early 2011. 
The couple’s on screen chemistry sure translated into a real life relationship after marrying last year in Malibu. Dewan and Tatum met while making Step Up and got engaged in 2008.