Channing Tatum’s Instagram Pretty Much Tells Us He’s the Chillest Guy in Hollywood

36 Channing Tatum Pics
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It wasn’t until I took a thorough look through Channing Tatum’s Instagram that I realized one truly important thing about him that world may (or may not be) missing.

He’s a really chill guy.

I guess that kind of comes off as a mild statement, but I mean it entirely as a compliment. Because let’s get real, to be labeled as “chill” in Hollywood, you have to be doing something right. 

It can be hard for all of us to remember that “stars are just like us” (duh, they’re human beings too) but with Channing’s grams being so grounded and so natural, we get to indulge in a slice of his life that tells us what he’s all about…


Just kidding, but he does have a few good ones so be prepared.

I mean, he’s already got it all going on though anyway: the acting chops, the looks, the cute new fam, so why wouldn’t his Instagram be super chill?

From pictures of him hanging out with cute little kids, to snaps of him with his fans and his family, to the ridiculous(ly good looking) and hilarious selfies he takes…Channing gives the people what they want.

Then we get to gawk, foam at the mouth, and daydream of a time when we will have the pleasure of being in one of his fan pictures for his Instagram too.

Because that’s what living the dream is, right?

Launch the gallery above for the full set of Channing’s chillest grams and let us know your favorite in the comments below!