Channing Tatum To Star In ’22 Jump Street’, Stops To Take Pictures With Fans

36 Channing Tatum Pics
Check out Channing and his hottest shirtless photos.
Oh hey Channing Tatum!

Would it be too cliche to say you look hot beyond words in that backwards baseball cap while donning those massive muscles? I also think it’s so sweet that you stopped to take some pictures with your fans!

The 33-year-old actor stopped to sign autographs and posed for pictures for about 200 fans after finishing filming scenes for his upcoming movie Jupiter Ascending in Joliet, Illinois.

We’ll also be see a lot more of Channing (thank god) with the announcement of the sequel to last summers’ hit comedy 21 Jump Street craftily titled 22 Jump Street.

Director’s Phil Lord and Chris Miller explained the title of the new movie to MTV News, “[The undercover program] moves across the street,” Lord said. “They got more money for the Jump Street program, and they could have an even cooler office with flat screens. It’s a different abandoned church, across the street from the first abandoned church, but way nicer.”

Rumor has it that that Johnny Depp will also be making a surprise cameo appearance in the film.

“We’re certainly exploring options, trying to figure out what would be as fun as that,” Lord said. “It’s awesome to have in your hip pocket this amazing surprise, so we’re hoping to find a way, whether it’s some amazing casting thing or some cool story surprise. We’re trying to make it feel as fresh as the first one.”

Production for the comedy is expected to start soon but unfortunately, we will have to wait until next June to flock to theaters to drool over Channing and the rest of the 22 Jump Street gang.