Channing Tatum Talks Dirty Diapers At The New York Premiere Of ‘Side Effects’ [PHOTOS]

Shirtless Channing Tatum
The '21 Jump Street' star at Bondi Beach.
Isn’t it cute when someone is first learning how to take care of a baby?

Well, at least it’s cute when Channing Tatum talks about it. The super buff actor opened up last night at the New York premiere of Side Effects, presented by the Cinema Society and Michael Kors, about how he’s ready for everything. Except the dirty diapers! “I have never changed a diaper before, so I may need some help learning,” Channing told People.

“I don’t have friends who have kids, so it’s going to be an interesting experience to learn how to change a diaper. I hope I don’t have any problems where the diaper falls off and the baby [poops] on the ground. But once the baby is born, I’ll definitely do the diaper changing. If it means touching the [poop] and getting peed on, I’ll still do it. I’m up for the challenge.” So how does wife Jenna Dewan feel about all this?

Currently she seems busy getting Channing to do everything she wants. What a brilliant lady. “Oh man, I’m not even getting into what I do to pamper Jenna. I’m doing anything that she asks for. She jokes to me all the time by saying, ‘If I feel good, then the baby feels good or if I’m happy, then the baby is happy.'” Oh come on, that’s adorable. He even gives her foot rubs. What a guy.

Even in his new movie Side Effects he’s such a nice guy. Well, mostly. The movie follows Channing and his new wife, played by Rooney Mara, who are torn about after Channing is taken to prison. Then Rooney becomes depressed, gets depression meds from Jude Lawand everything spirals out of control from there. Should be fun?

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the red carpet! Loving both Rooney’s dress and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ dress. Think Channing will be any good at the diaper thing? Wish you had a Channing Tatum just rubbing your feet all the time? Sound off in the comments!