Channing Tatum Shows Off His Rippling Biceps on ‘SNL’ [PHOTOS]

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Damn Channing Tatum. Damn. It may not have been one of the funniest Saturday Night Live episodes, but it is definitely up there with one of the nakedest. Too bad there were no fake penises around for us to see. Sad pants. But seriously, was it just me or did it seem like they had him take his shirt off in every skit? Like, even when he didn’t need to. 

Well, I guess whatever pulls in viewers. Also, is it wrong that I’m kinda excited about The Vow? I know, I know. Cheesy beyond belief, but Rachel McAdams is so hot and I know it’s just gonna make me sob. Launch the gallery to appreciate all of Channing’s shirtless-glory and let us know which is your favorite shot. 

Watch Channing in action.