Channing Tatum Promotes White House Down, Gets Oddly Excited About Baby Poo

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Tatum Celebrates His Birthday While Fans Celebrate His Hotness
Now that 33-year-old Channing Tatum is officially a DILF, he is extremely excited about fatherhood and all that comes along with it. Recently, he and his wife Jenna posed with their beautiful baby girl Everly for her first ever photoshoot.

According to Extra, Channing is getting incredibly psyched on baby poop. As if women couldn’t love him any more, he expressed his secret love for changing his baby girl’s diapers.

“You’re never gonna be so excited when something poos, cause it’s like, ‘Aw yeah, I’m in the game!’ Let me have it, give it to me and then you give it back to her cause you know you don’t really do very much.”

Seen here, handsome actor Channing Tatum arrives at the White House Down premiere in Washington DC at AMC Georgetown on June 21st. Standing alongside costar Jamie Foxx in a navy blue suit and matching dress shirt, Tatum looks as though he is enjoying himself. Foxx sported a silver grey suit with a white shirt and black tie, topping the look off with cuff links and sunglasses. I’m loving Channing’s charm and irresistible smile as he interacts with fans.