WATCH: Channing Tatum Kicks Ass & Throws Waffles In ‘Waffle House Down’

Channing Tatum Shirtless
35 of Channing Tatum's hottest shirtless photos.
Before we discuss Channing Tatum, can we just take a moment and appreciate how funny Jimmy Kimmel’s videos are? That man is amazing. And now back to Channing!

The super studly DILF might be getting ready to save the White House alongside Jamie Foxx in White House Down, but first he has to save the Waffle House in Waffle House Down. It’s brilliant. 

There are waffles and guns and IHOP employees and even a cute old couple! It’s a pretty perfect viral video. And obviously Channing is hot in it. Check out the video above and tell us how much you love it in the comments!