Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill Frolic In The Ocean For ’22 Jump Street’

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So yesterday Channing Tatum was sporting a broken arm on the set of 22 Jump Street–presumably for the epic spring break sequence.

Today Channing and his co-star Jonah Hill furthered our spring break rational with a frolic in the waters of Puerto Rico, where they’re currently shooting. Channing’s right arm still looks to have some injuries on it, but clearly his character did not care.

Channing and Jonah were all smiles for the cameras as they ran, jumped and got very, very wet. 

Too bad Channing’s tank top wasn’t white. He would have been a kick-ass entry into a wet t-shirt contest. Does anyone else think it’s funny that Jonah is possibly going to get nominated for an Oscar and here he is running around in the water for 22 Jump Street? I just love the way the movie industry works.

Also, these photos of Channing are just what I needed as a Wednesday pick-me-up. Sure his neck is still too think for my liking, but damn, that guy is entertaining. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the 22 Jump Street set. If you need more incentive, the guy holding the boom mic and trying not to get it wet is very funny.