Channing Tatum Is Working A New Shaved Head Look, Won’t Watch His Wife Kiss Other Dudes

Channing Tatum's Instagram
Channing's Instagram proves he's a super chill guy
Things I’ve learned today: Channing Tatum looks good with any type of hairstyle.

The actor was spotted on a hike in Vancouver yesterday, showing off his new shaved head. It actually looks quite good on him. Generally I like my men with hair, but it’s Channing Tatum. It’s not like I’m gonna kick him out of bed.

So, can we talk about how cute he and wife Jenna Dewan are for a second? Because they’re slowly becoming one of my favorite couples. 

1) They’re super delightful. And 2), they look out for each other. Channing doesn’t like watching Jenna kiss other dudes, so she makes sure he doesn’t see it!

That’s hilarious. And adorable. Alright, launch the gallery and check out some sexy photos of Channing Tatum. Next time Channing, take your shirt off too. I’d like a preview of Magic Mike XXL.