Channing Tatum Is Hot While Maggie Gyllenhaal Dons Some Interesting Fashion At The NYC Premiere Of ‘White House Down’

36 Channing Tatum Pics
Check out Channing and his hottest shirtless photos.
The thing that excites me most about the movie White House Down is just how hot Channing Tatum is gonna be in it.

Come on you guys, you know they’re going to throw in some totally unnecessary shirtless scenes just to make us all week in the knees. Plus, there’s the added bonus of Channing being a DILF now, which just makes him all the sexier.

Channing was bringing it last night at the NYC premiere. Look at him, strutting around in his suit. Even Jamie Foxx looks jealous of what Channing has got going on. Although I don’t think either of them were jealous of what Maggie Gyllenhaal had going on.  

Girl, what are you wearing? One, there are about 14 different patterns on that dress; two, we are so over peplum; and three, you’re so pretty, why are you doing this to yourself? It’s OK Maggie, I still love you. Also, that little girl Joey Kinglooks adorable. I love when kids dress appropriately for their age.

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