Channing Tatum Is Headed To Cannes & Might Be Joining The X-Men

36 Channing Tatum Pics
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Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of love the fact that Channing Tatum has become a serious actor.

Remember when he was just the guy from the Step-Up movies? Well now he’s the actor who’s headed to the Cannes Film Festival. The line-up was announced today and Channing new film Foxcatcher is up for competition. Dang Channing, that is pretty snazzy.

If my research is correct, this will be his first outing to Cannes. Just think how pretty he and Jenna are going to look on the red carpet. 

And have you heard that Channing is in talks to join the X-Men? Apparently he’s the first choice for Gambit. Sure, most people think that Gambit is a terrible superhero, but wouldn’t it be great to get a likable guy in the role? He might even make us like Gambit. Think how crazy that could be.

Basically, it’s the year of Channing. And it will continue until summer, 2015 when Magic Mike 2 hits the screens. So basically, decade of Channing. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the actor arriving in LA yesterday. He’s so sweet.