Channing Tatum Goes Blonde & Bearded For ‘Jupiter Ascending’

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Channing Tatum, is that actually you?

It might be hard to believe, but it totally is! The usually dark-haired actor was channeling his inner futurist on the set of his latest movie, Jupiter Ascending. Oh and look, he’s got a look-a-like stunt double with him. Too good.

Jupiter Ascending sounds like a pretty crazy movie. It’s set in a universe where humans are at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder and one woman–we’re assuming Jupiter played by Mila Kunis–is targeted to die by the Queen because Jupiter poses a threat. What?! 

No idea what Channing’s role is, other than a bearded, blonde man who performs stunts. Oh, and he has a gun. I can’t wait to see what the rest of his outfit looks like. I imagine there’s lots of black. So, if Channing is busy working, when does he get to see his baby?!?! Babies are the best.

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