Channing Tatum Arrives In Los Angeles, Sadly Keeps His Shirt On

Sabba Rahbar | March 18, 2014 - 5:30 pm

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Listen, Channing Tatum, I thought that we’d talked about this. If you know there are going to be cameras around then it is your job–nay!–your duty, to be shirtless. It’s what your fans want.

Still, we’ll forgive Channing this time around, as he did just get off a plane. The Magic Mike star was spotted making his way through LAX today, keeping a low profile as he listened to some music. What kind of music do you think he listens to? I’m gonna go with Schubert.

So Channing, where’s the fam? 

I haven’t seen the three of you out in quite some time–the three of them being Channing, his wife Jenna and their daughter, Everly. From what I can tell they’re a seriously cute family. And as much as I want to see them, I like that they’re able to stay private. They should give pointers to some other celebs.

Well Channing, we love you, but next time, be shirtless. That is all.