Channing Tatum And Mila Kunis Plug ‘Jupiter Ascending’ At CinemaCon, Richard Armitage Is There Too

Channing Saves Mila
Channing & Mila get intense for 'Jupiter Ascending'
First of all, this is the red carpet debut of Mila Kunis’ baby bump. Second of all, she and Channing Tatum are really cute together.

Mila and Channing hit the red carpet today at CinemaCon in Las Vegas for Warner Brothers Pictures’ “The Big Picture”, highlighting movies from the summer of 2014 and beyond. Guess what one of those summer of 2014 movies is? Jupiter Ascending, the sci-fi movie where Channing has blonde hair and pointy ears.

The movie seems interesting, and I really love Mila and Channing together. Oh and look! It’s Richard Armitage

The super sessy British actor also attended the event, presumably to promote his new movie, Into the Storm. Here’s the thing, you put Armitage in a movie and I’ll go see it. (Do you have Netflix? Go watch North & Southright now! Not the Civil War one, the amazing British one.)

I think this was a very successful red carpet. Also, there are some really entertaining photos of Mila and Channing where’s he’s basically belly-cupping for her. That is co-star love. Launch the gallery for all the photos of Mila, Channing and Richard. Excited for their movies? Sound off in the comments!